bullet Stars of Science

A book of invited essays by eminent  scientists and scholars that aims to motivate and inspire the future generations of scientists and enhance the public perception of science.

Sample Essays:

  Science Society & Responsibility (English | Arabic)

  50 Days in Space (English | Arabic)

  Recapturing the Legacy of Our Ancestors … Inventing Our Future (English | Arabic)


bullet NASA Astronaut & IAU President Visit the Middle East

NASA Astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman and the president-elect of the International Astronomical Union Robert Williams gave a public lecture tour in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates in commemoration of the International Year of Astronomy.  For more information and to view their presentations, visit the public outreach page of the Frontiers of Space Astrophysics Conference.

bullet Seeds of Opportunity

A program that aims at identifying gifted students, mainly from developing countries, and offering them research internships at leading institution in the U.S. and Europe.  The program intends to help the students develop at early age the skills and character they will need to pursue a career of excellence and leadership in science. 

bullet Frontiers of Space Astrophysics Conference

An international conference  on space astrophysics with special emphasize on neutron stars and gamma-ray bursts through the use NASA and ESA space missions.


bullet Center for Advanced Interdisciplinary Sciences

A newly established Center of Excellence at Cairo University with research programs in astrophysics, biotechnology, and synchrotron applications. 


bullet COSPAR Capacity Building Workshop

A regional capacity building workshop on space astrophysics with NASA and ESA missions for young physicists & astronomers from the Middle East & North Africa. 


bullet SESAME

Our members are involved in the SESAME Synchrotron project. SESAME stands for Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East.

7th SESAME User Meetings


       Projects & Activities

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