I. Preserve the Investment

 Help scholars who acquire graduate education or advanced training from developed countries and return to their homeland in the developing world with the following aspects:

 Integrate in their societies in a coherent fashion that contributes to advancing science and knowledge in their countries.

 Maintain high-quality research profiles through empowering them to establish and lead strong research groups, centers of excellence, and international collaborations.

 Provide capacity building to graduate students and junior scientists through connecting them with returning scholars.

II. Initiate Catalyst Activities

 Promote international cooperation and bilateral agreements between scholars and institutions. Foster the exchange of curricula.

 Help organizing international conferences, capacity building workshops, and visiting programs.

III. Nurture Future Scholars

 Enhance students’ participation in science and research and boost the involvement of women and minorities.

 Counteract the declining interest in science among high school and college students by motivate the next generation of scientists through outreach activities and summer research opportunities.

 Advise and orient graduate students on pursuing graduate education in the U.S. and Europe.

 Assist and advise U.S. and European universities and scientists in recruiting graduate students from the developing countries.

IV. Enhance the Public Perception of Science

 Promote science literacy. Educate and raise the public awareness and appreciate of science. Communicate new scientific discoveries and knowledge to the public.

V. Enhance the Experience of Being a Scholar/Scientist

 Advocate and lobby for higher funding for science in developing countries and promote the understanding of research funding as investments rather than expenditures.

 Support better job security and pay for scientists and scholars in the developing countries.

 Advocate to reform science and international development policies to sustain and empower the intellectual and scientific capitals in the developing countries.

 Promote science ethics.

       Our Goals

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