bullet Vision

 To empower the intellectual and scientific capitals in the developing world and to mobilize them to aid the development of their countries and improve the quality of life in their communities.

 To inspire, identify and cultivate future leaders in science in the developing countries.


 To narrow the intellectual and scientific gap between the two divides of the world through fostering collaborative and capacity building activities.


 To stimulate the integration of cutting-edge research, innovative teaching, and public service and outreach at institutions in the developing countries to induce a knowledge-based society.

 To give access to all to participate and contribute to the advancement of science; to enable all people to improve the quality of their life through science; and to persuade peoples to rediscover their common heritage in science.

       Vision & Mission

bullet Mission

  To launch initiatives and activities that enhance the overall profile of science and scholarship in the developing world, induce capacity building and public understanding, and bolster scientific and intellectual competitiveness. 

 To reach out, network, and rally the stakeholders to reform science and international development policies and practices in order to preserve and empower the intellectual and scientific capitals in the developing countries.

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